Do you walk with a charger to work or school everyday? Seems like your battery can't keep up with your daily social network, texting, e-mailing activities. Kickstarter project Everpurse could be the answer to your dead battery issues. 

Instead of carrying extended batteries, chargers, or charging cases, Everpurse charges your device cordlessly after being placed in a special pocket. Everpurse is simply charged by being placed on a special placement mat. How powerful is this high-tech purse? According to Everpurse's Kickstarter page:

"Everpurse comes with enough battery power to take your iPhone from 0% to 100% twice over!"

That's great for a effortless, wireless charge. Everpurse is currently seeking to raise $100,000 on their Kickstarter page to begin production on a larger scale for consumers. Take a look at some of the various models, including the male-friendly black leather Everpurse here. 

[Digital Trends via Kickstarter]