What was it like playing golf with Charles Barkley? You had a bet with him right?

Oh, Charles is—I'm not a golfer, and I can beat him. Put it like that. I'm not even a golfer. I golf maybe two times a year, and we had—I go to his tournament and I'm like, "I bet you I can drive the ball longer than you." And I did! I'm like, I don't even play. I play two times a year. That means in the last four years, I've only played eight times. And I'm better than you? Like something's wrong.

He's got that weird swing that he does.

Oh, that's not a swing. That's a hit. He doesn't have a swing.

But my favorite game of all time, besides now NBA Ballers, but my favorite game prior to that was Mike Tyson's Punch-out. Now that was my favorite game of all time. Fast Joe, all those, now that was the most classic—that was the best game ever.

Did you play the reboot on the Wii?

Right, that's what I'm saying, where all the retro games are coming back. Right. Exactly. So—but Mike Tyson, you know, was the best one.

What's another classic that you'd like to see remade next?

I want them to remake the—remember the football game that you had to—they had the ball and you had to rub the ball on the top to make the X and the O move? You might be too young for that. It was an arcade game. But you had to actually, like, move the ball, so when—you had six players. It was an NFL football game, and you had six plays on defense and six plays on offense. And you had to guess what six the other guy was doing, and vice versa. And it was just X's and O's, it wasn't, like, real players…But once your "O" had handed off the ball, you had to run—it was like a spinning wheel that you had to just rub to make it—and the fast you rubbed it, the faster it went, or the slower you rubbed it, the slower it went. And you just had to dodge around. That game was the most fun game as well. YOur hand was dead afterwards, but it was a lot of fun. We played that after school every day.

They could put that on Kinect.

You have to run, and you actually yeah—you're moving around. That would be my favorite game of all time.

Thanks Kenny! Good luck figuring out what that game was. We have no idea.

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