Paula Asher, 18, of Kentucky made a poor decision after a night of drinking. After getting sloshed, Asher decided to drive home. On her way to the crib, she sideswiped another car. Thankfully, Paula, nor the four passengers in the other car, were hurt. Paula was charged for causing the accident and driving under the influence by police at the scene. 

The trouble didn't stop there.

Prior to her court date Paula decided to discuss her wild DUI night on Facebook with a status that read: "My dumbass got a DUI and hit a car LOL." That "LOL" did not sit well with the judge presiding over her case. The judge ordered Paula to shut down her Facebook page, but she refused. Her refusal lead to her being charged with contempt of court and a two-day jail sentence. In a statement to NBC, Paula said, "I didn't think LOL would put me in jail."

Wait, the "aha" moment for her was the judge getting mad at her "LOL"? It seems like Paula totally missed the reason she was in court in the first place.

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