There’s something ironic about the poster for The Exorcist, director William Friedkin’s horror classic about demonic ownership of a young girl’s body that’s been continually mimicked in every movie about exorcism since its June 1973 release. The film itself remains legitimately terrifying nearly 30 years later, but what’s not scary about The Exorcist is its aforementioned poster. Taken from one of actor Max von Sydow’s memorable scenes in the film, the one-sheet’s image is more creepily suggestive than outright chilling.

The exact opposite can be said about The Possession, the new Sam Raimi-produced, reasonably tame horror flick about the Dybbuk Box, an object of serious unease to those who practice Judaism. In the film, a little girl (Natasha Calis), who’s not unlike Linda Blair’s character in The Exorcist, obtains the box at a yard sale, innocently opens it up, and slowly becomes a harbinger for a child-destroying demon.

Sounds pretty freaky, right? Unfortunately, The Possession repeatedly flirts with genuine scares but never totally goes in for the kill. The scariest thing about the film, oddly enough, is its marketing campaign responsible for a couple of unnerving visuals; one shows a giant arm reaching out of a girl’s mouth, while the other depicts a swarm of wasps exiting the same orifice.

The alarming advertisements don't help the film itself, but at least they’ve inspired the following gallery of The Creepiest Possession Horror Movie Posters. Not a bad consolation prize at all.

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Compiled by Matt Barone (@MBarone)

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