Complex: Tomm, what exactly has your role been as Konami's agent in designing these mazes?

Konami's Tomm Hulett: So basically the last couple years I've been kind of the Silent Hill bible at Konami. So when Universal was talking to us, obviously they wanted me to be involved. And usually on this type of thing, I kind of lay out: here's what the franchise is about, and here's the rules, and here's what you should hit on. But with Universal, when they'd met with us, they'd already done a lot of research, and really had a good handle on, you know, what it needed to be and what it needed to include. So my job's been easier and more fun, because I don't have to be like the mean guy forcing them to do things. I just get to see what they do and go, "Oh, that's really cool. What if you did this?" Or, you know, "I just came up with a cool idea for the super super hardcore fans."

And that's another good thing about Universal, is they're trying to hit the entire spectrum of Silent Hill fans. So, you know, there's people who've only seen the movie, and so there's stuff in there for them. And then there's the gamers who pore over every single detail, and they'll recognize anything no matter how obscure. And so Universal wants ideas for them too. And then everyone in between. So it's actually been a lot of fun, and my role has just been kind of to add things to their already cool things, which is pretty nice.