Complex: Have you had free rein to pull anything from the whole series?

Braillard: I think that we're only limited in the scope and the size of the real estate that we have as far as the house is concerned. We were given full rein as far as the characters and the environments that we wanted to bring, and what's nice and what's wonderful about it is that our sister park in Hollywood is also doing a Silent Hill maze, and when you come to either Universal Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood, or you come to the Orlando event, they're two completely separate mazes, even though they're both based in the intellectual property of Silent Hill. And I think that that's something that's phenomenal.

I think it's a huge hook for our fans, not only the horror fans that would normally come to Halloween Horror Nights, but also the gaming fans Tomm was talking about, or even the fans of the film. We like to say that if you're a fan, you're going to be able to see a lot of stuff that you can relate to, and if you're not a fan, you're just going to get plain scared. So it's a win-win either way for us. As far as environments are concerned, we pored over, man, all the video games that are out right now, as well as—we were able to catch a preview screening of the second film, and we know the first film extremely well. So it's nice to be able to take all the environments that we wanted to use, pass them by the folks at Konami, and build a maze.