Kenneth Smith Jr. was not fond of his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Christopher Shell. After viewing a questionable picture of Shell with his girlfriend he felt it like it called for extreme retaliation. Asking his girlfriend to explain or remove the picture was not an option for Smith, he decided to frame Shell and have him arrested for carrying a bomb onto a plane. 

Shell departed on a flight from Philadelphia, but the plane was ordered to turn around after Smith informed police that his girl's ex-boyfriend was on board with a liquid explosion. The plane landed and was searched shortly after take-off and the threat was deemed a hoax after no explosives were found. Smith was taken into custody and now faces up to ten years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

The plan was a small success for Smith. After the bomb fiasco and finally landing in Dallas, Shell was arrested for an outstanding warrant for marijuana possession. Was it really wise to put your civil liberties on the line over a Facebook picture?  It will not be fun viewing your girlfiend's Facebook pictures behind bars.

[via Reuters]