Check Out Some Of The New Armors That Iron Man Will Wear In The Upcoming Comics

Check Out Some Of The New Armors That Iron Man Will Wear In The Upcoming Comics

Throughout his long history in the comics, Tony Stark has always stayed a step ahead of his enemies by crafting cutting-edge suits of armor to battle foes in any situation. And with Marvel NOW launching in just a few short weeks, the company has revealed that Ol’ Shellhead will debut new armors in order to have the edge on some tech-savvy villains. The first one is an updated version of his stealth armor.

“The stealth suit [is] shown here in tasteful black, though its chameleonic tendencies can move that in any direction he wants,” said Kieron Gillen, the writer of Iron Man. “It maxes out its light-bender, includes lots of holograms, lots of hacking and still keeps a little repulsor and strength if needed.”

This suit will debut in the upcoming Iron Man #3 when Stark has to battle Firebrand, Vibro, and Living Laser. Then in Iron Man #4, he is forced to don a new heavy duty battle suit.

“[Issue #4] showcases the sort of suit which starts where War Machine leaves off,” Gillen continued. “Frankly, if I was asked to re-launch Power Pack, I'd somehow manage to work a mini-gun in there, so it's no surprise that there's some manner of Gatling device attached to this genuinely brutal piece of machinery.”

Both Iron Man #3 and #4 will hit stores in December. For now, though, check out the stealth and heavy duty armors below.

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