Throughout his long history in the comics, Tony Stark has always stayed a step ahead of his enemies by crafting cutting-edge suits of armor to battle foes in any situation. And with Marvel NOW launching in just a few short weeks, the company has revealed that Ol’ Shellhead will debut new armors in order to have the edge on some tech-savvy villains. The first one is an updated version of his stealth armor.

“The stealth suit [is] shown here in tasteful black, though its chameleonic tendencies can move that in any direction he wants,” said Kieron Gillen, the writer of Iron Man. “It maxes out its light-bender, includes lots of holograms, lots of hacking and still keeps a little repulsor and strength if needed.”

This suit will debut in the upcoming Iron Man #3 when Stark has to battle Firebrand, Vibro, and Living Laser. Then in Iron Man #4, he is forced to don a new heavy duty battle suit.

“[Issue #4] showcases the sort of suit which starts where War Machine leaves off,” Gillen continued. “Frankly, if I was asked to re-launch Power Pack, I'd somehow manage to work a mini-gun in there, so it's no surprise that there's some manner of Gatling device attached to this genuinely brutal piece of machinery.”

Both Iron Man #3 and #4 will hit stores in December. For now, though, check out the stealth and heavy duty armors below.

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[via Marvel]