Considering most characters died in the end of Heathers, it's probably the last movie that needs a reboot, but Bravo apparently likes to live on the edge. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network most famous for its string of Real Housewives reality shows is making a move into scripted television, and is developing a reboot of the cult 1988 movie which originally starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

The series is said to take place twenty years after the events of the film, and follows Veronica - who was portrayed by Ryder in the film - as she returns to her hometown with her teenage daughter in tow. Said daughter now must deal with the modern version of the "Heathers" at her new school, this time known as the "Ashleys." 

In addition to the Heathers reboot, the network is also working on that previously reported reboot of The Joneses

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]