A heavily anticipated feature coming to iOS 6, the next version of Apple's mobile operating system, is the ability to conduct FaceTime calls over a cellular network. Verizon and Sprint are both placing no restrictions on the feature, while AT&T is only allowing certain customers to use the feature. In an attempt to stop Ma Bell from going through with this plan, three public interest groups have come together to file a formal complaint to the Federal Communications Commission against AT&T.

Compared to its rival, Verizon Wireless, which will allow all data customers to make FaceTime calls over its cellular network, AT&T restricts usage of the feature to its Shared Data plan subscribers. The interest groups believe AT&T should not dictate how people use their data, especially when they are paying for it. Joel Kelsey of Free Press, one of the groups filing a complaint, told Reuters: "When you sign up to use the Internet, you're allowed to use the Internet." AT&T and the FCC both declined to comment regarding this matter.

[via Reuters]