While it's fun to joke around about the many ways we can decieve the powers that be to get an educational edge-up, cheating is not a game. As we said earlier, if you get caught the consequences can be dire. Institutions have been cracking down on cheating over the last decade, taking exteme steps to ensure that students are actually learning (or, at the least, remembering) the information they're being tested on. 

Outside of the judicial ramifications that can come from cheating, you're shortchanging yourself. Sounds corny, we know, but straight up: if you don't even study the stuff you're being taught you're setting youself up for failure. And if you're in college and you're cheating, you're also cheating yourself out of thousands of dollars. 

Of course, the rub is that in the course of attempting one of these methods, you'll probably learn all the stuff you've been neglecting and refusing to study.