First appearance: The Rawhide Kid #1 (1955)

Rawhide Kid has been around for decades, but it wasn’t until he starred in his own miniseries under Marvel’s MAX imprint in 2003 that he really gained a level of infamy not often seen in comics.

In the series, Rawhide was depicted as being overtly homosexual; nearly everything about the character was an out-and-out stereotype. Instead of creating a long-lasting role model for gay comic book fans, Marvel turned Rawhide into an effeminate joke of a character that aches every politically correct bone in our body.

That’s not even the worst part, though: The Rawhide Kid was also terribly boring. Underneath the juvenile, and sometimes malicious, jokes, there really wasn’t much other than shock value. In a time when society is still learning to accept everybody’s sexual preferences, a Rawhide Kid movie would just serve to send us back into the Stone Age.