First appearance: Detective Comics #38 (1940)

No one wants to see Scottie Pippen play basketball without Michael Jordan, no one wants to listen to Yoko Ono without John Lennon, and no one should want to see a Robin movie that doesn't star Batman. That’s why we were so relieved when Joseph Gordon-Levitt distanced himself from endorsing a sequel to The Dark Knight Rises where he would don the green booty shorts and domino mask of the Boy Wonder.

In the comic book world, Robin often had his own solo title, but other than a few decent runs, most of these issues just made us realize how much we missed Batman. We saw Chris O’Donnell already play him in both Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, neither of which filled us with confidence that the character could go up on the screen alone. 

And that’s the thing: In a world where we have great Batman movies, why would we need a film solely for his sidekick? We’ll stick with the real deal for now.