First appearance: Ravage 2099 #1 (1992)

Marvel’s 2099 imprint was a mixed bag when it first launched in the early '90s, but despite some mediocre stories and gaudy art, these titles were a nice change of pace from the mainstream offerings from the company. The basic concept was to take existing characters and create titles about futuristic versions of them in an attempt to give fans a fresh take on classic heroes. The only title from this imprint that didn’t have a present-day counterpart was Stan Lee’s Ravage 2099.

Armed to the teeth with bombastic weapons and various super powers, Ravage was supposed to be a cutting-edge hero with a ‘90s attitude; instead, the stories barely held together as this mullet-wearing stock character soon sunk into obscurity. Marvel is on such a role at the movies that it needs to be wary of thinking it can turn anything into gold, no matter how bad the concept is. Just leave this, and the rest of the 2099 universe, on the cutting room floor.