First appearance: Doorway to Nightmare #1 (1978)

As the DC Universe’s resident fortune teller, the immortal Madame Xanadu has the ability to see into the future and possesses knowledge of countless magical spells. It’s just a shame that she resembles the shady gypsies that try to rip you off for $10 every time you go to the boardwalk. Watching Madame Xanadu on screen for two hours conducting her spells and talking about otherworldly plot points seems like it would just be a lot of clunky hocus pocus.

With supernatural heroes like Dr. Strange and Deadman left to be adapted into film, it wouldn’t make sense for Madame Xanadu to get her own movie when there are so many other characters that outclass her. And if any of DC’s magical females are going to get their own film, we think Zatanna should be the one, and only, choice.