World Tekken Federation

World Tekken Federation is going to be the ultimate tool for all Tekken players, whether they're grizzled veterans or completely new to fighting games. It tracks every move you make during every match you play, and online, it lays everything bare: where your punches land, what characters you use most, how much damage you do, and a hundred other statistics. It's all on a detailed player card, and it's updated in real time—every single online match is recorded while it's happening, and the site is updated after every fight. It even serves as a portal for Tekken "teams," the game's version of what other genres call "clans."

As Namco Bandai's Carlson Choi put it, World Tekken Federation is recording your every move, tracking your progress and laying it out in an accessible format so that pros can get better, and amateurs can learn to become pros. He compared it to other services like Halo Waypoint, Battlefield Premium and Call of Duty Elite, which provide features to shooters that until now have been missing from fighting games.

"What can we do to really change the world of fighting games?" the team at Namco Bandai asked themselves, according to Choi. "What is missing in fighting games?" World Tekken Federation is what they came up with.

It'll enhance Tekken TAG Tournament 2's eSports presence, as pro players will be using it to better understand their game—and they'll be able to study one another's player cards before tournaments and big matches.

And best of all, it's free to anyone with a copy of Tekken TAG Tournament 2 and access to the game's online features (i.e., an online pass).

So what do you think? Will Tekken TAG Tournament 2 on consoles be the ultimate Tekken game?

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