Pair play

When we asked them what the main difference is in this iteration of Tekken TAG Tournament, Namco Bandai's on-hand experts said simply, "It's more about the multiplayer." That was definitely evident in two of the new modes we got to play on the Tekken bus: Pair Play and online ranked matches.

For the first time in Tekken, Pair Play allows up to four players to compete at once, where previously the limit was two. Each player controls one character in the game's tag-team battles, with two characters battling on-screen at any given time. It's going to be harder to coordinate attacks with a teammate, since you're not controlling both characters, but with a little communication it can be just as fun.

We played through several matches with Namco Bandai and some other reporter types, and our button mashing paid off occasionally, even resulting in some slick tag-team combo moves that dealt massive damage and temporarily put three characters on the screen at once.

But the button-mashing wasn't so successful when they set us up against a pro player back at their offices in an online ranked match. Our performance may have faltered, but at least the connection stayed consistent and there was no button lag. And on a bus, too.

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