Fight lab

Fighting games can have a pretty intimidating learning curve, and for many it's a barrier to entry for the whole genre. After all, button mashing will only get you so far against someone who knows what they're doing, and it's not fun anymore when you're getting your ass handed to you and you don't even understand why.

That's where Tekken TAG Tournament 2's Fight Lab comes in. It gives noobs a place to learn the ropes, while at the same time providing hardened vets with a place to hone their skills and practice.

You see, Fight Lab isn't just a tutorial; it teaches you "the rhythm of the combos" as well as what buttons to press and in what order to press them, Namco Bandai's peeps assured us. You'll be able to equip "Combot" (a clever portmanteau) with multiple characters' move sets and have at it.

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