The casualty: director Martin Brest

For all the insults and laughter the movie title Gigli instantly elicits, its two stars, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, are doing just fine these days. At best, the widely publicized flop is a stain on their otherwise positive track records. For director Martin Brest, however, Gigli is the last title on his directorial filmography.

That's right, the guy who once called the shots on Beverly Hills Cops, Midnight Run, and Scent of a Woman hasn't made a single thing since the wrath of Gigli brought with it scathing reviews, a $7 million box office tally (on a whopping $76 million budget), and six awards at the 2003 Golden Raspberry ceremonies. Affleck, meanwhile, has directed two excellent and lucrative films and has a third, and supposedly career-best, picture on the way (Argo). Sometimes, it's a really cold game for non-actors.