The casualty: director Pitof

In the wake of Catwoman's box office no-show and four Golden Raspberry Awards victories, it's been star Halle Berry who's received the bulk of the ridicule, and rightfully so. After winning an Academy Award two years prior, the actress should've known better than to sign onto such an inept production. Yet, due to Berry's involuntary hoarding of the film's bad vibes, director Pitof's name is rarely ever associated with Catwoman. There's a good reason why, though: No one's heard a peep from the guy ever since its doomed release.

In his home country of France, Pitof spent the better part of a decade working as a visual effects supervisor, a native hustle that led him to perform the VFX task on the set of 1997's Alien: Resurrection. Since the dismal Catwoman's colossal failure, though, he's only directed a TV movie (Fire & Ice, 2008) and edited two as-yet-unseen short films. As far as Hollywood is concerned, Pitof's feature film-directing career is purr-fectly non-existent.