Date: Up to you
Time: TBA
Location: Warner Bros. Studios (3400 Riverside Dr., Burbank)
Perfect For: Getting a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most popular talk-show hosts in the business

The ratings have confirmed it: Conan is the talk show host for young people. It's not surprising why—he kills it on Twitter, his guests are cool, and he's not corny (except when it's intentional, something Leno and Letterman haven't mastered). You would think that tickets for a live screening of the show would be exorbitantly priced, but actually, it's completely free. You have to make sure that you request tickets ahead of time, because, unsurprisingly, the demand to be part of Coco's audience is pretty high. It's not guaranteed that you will get picked, but don't fret: The studio offers stand-by tickets to determined individuals if the original ticket holder is a no-show.