When it comes to comedic variety shows like Saturday Night Live, the burden is generally on the viewer to apply a certain amount of suspension of disbelief during any given sketch. With only so many cast members, limited time, and legal repercussions to worry about, it's understandable that not everything is going to be completely accurate.

But every so often, some things are just, well, out there. Saturday Night Live, for instance, often has politically-themed skits featuring humorous impersonations of well known politicians, and they're often the best in any given episode; that is, if you can even figure out who's playing whom. In fact, there are enough instances where the cast member doesn't at all resemble the politician they're portraying to make a drinking game out of it.

In honor of tonight's Saturday Night Live Election Special, and just because we're seriously thinking about this drinking game thing, compare and contrast for yourselves with our gallery of 10 SNL Political Impersonators Who Look Nothing Like the Politician.

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