If you were worried that the upcoming Kirsten Dunst- Isla Fisher- Lizzy Caplan- Rebel Wilson-starring Bachelorette would be a rehash of Kristen Wiig's 2011 Bridesmaids, the above trailer may change your mind. Though the subject matter is noticeably the same - upcoming wedding, bridesmaids, etc. - rest assured, that's about as far as the similarities go.

Taking place on the eve before the wedding of their high school friend (Wilson) is to take place, a group of life-long friends (Dunst, Fisher, and Caplan) gather together with the intention of having a wild bachelorette party in New York City - but when the bride wants a tame party the girls decide to have a celebration of their own. What follows is a coke and booze-fueled night that ends with a destroyed wedding dress that the girls must race to repair before the morning. 

Bachelorette hits theaters September 10th.

[via Funny or Die]