Thomas Paul Nunes did everything wrong. The trouble started back in '95, when he got drunk, stole some of his wife's shotguns and decided it was time for a little target practice. He ended up losing an eye during a shootout with police, because, well, his wife is former Oregon City police lieutenant Lisa Nunes.

They inexplicably remained married after that embarrassment, but things took a turn for the worse when Thomas caught his wife sexting right in front of him. She dismissed it as "no big deal" since their marriage was a joke anyway, but he took offense, which is understandable. After taking her phone and analyzing her texts, he was still at a loss. So, he ended up doing what any betrayed man would do here—got high and consulted his cats. Seriously. He became very stoned and talked with his cats for 20 minutes.

The cats were clearly unable to bring reason to the madness, because he ended up in the bedroom pointing a gun at his wife. Somehow, he still managed to miss his mark, as the bullet landed a foot above her head. That sums up things.

He attempted to do the right thing and turn the gun over to police, but this idiot showed up to the police station with the gun strapped to his ankle. Never walk into a police station with a concealed weapon. Nunes was sentenced to 10 years in the slammer, and his wife finally filed for divorce.

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[via Gawker]