You should be more discerning about who you take advice from; if you don't believe us, consider the three "dating experts" Bravo has wrangled for its latest plunge into reality television, Miss Advised.

The show follows three advice gurus: Amy Laurent, a Manhattan-based matchmaker, Julia Allison, a dating columnist, and Emily Morse, a sex radio host. Each of them is, paradoxically, at a loss in their own love lives and in need of guidance themselves. Like, badly. These women bring stereotypes of frenzied, mentally unhinged single females ordinarily reserved for rom-coms to life, and the result is absolutely terrifying.

Miss Advised's train wreck of a first season comes to a close tonight, but, take heart, you'll never be short on celebrities who desperately need to heed their own advice. Thanks to Twitter, we're regularly "blessed" with trite proverbs, quasi-intellectual life lessons, and, our personal favorite, fourth grade philosophies masquerading as counsel. The only thing worth being grateful for? They've been forced to confine their misled missives to 140 characters or less.

If you're looking for solutions, look elsewhere, because all we've got is The Worst Celebrity Advice on Twitter.

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