Director: Tom Six

Last year, Dutch filmmaker Tom Six unleashed The Human Centipede onto the masses, giving creepers everywhere the original idea of a lunatic surgeon who stitches three people together, ass to mouth. The plot and title alone were enough to cast a notorious reputation upon the movie, but it’s sicker in concept than presentation. In the first Centipede, not a whole lot is actually shown.

And Mr. Six knew exactly what he was doing. An unremitting, 90-minute response to anyone who down-talked Centipede’s concealed gruesomeness, The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) is Six’s black-and-white “fuck you.” The sequel’s meta set-up is rather clever: Obsessed with the first Human Centipede flick, a repugnant, live-at-home parking garage security guard named Martin (Laurence Harvey) bludgeons patrons, drives them to an abandoned warehouse, and forms his own 12-person centipede without any medical training.

What’s the next best thing for someone who doesn’t have proper stitching equipment? A rusty stapler, of course. Martin staples mouths to butt cheeks, which Six shows up close and wrongly personal; in order to make their gums easily attachable, Martin bashes out their teeth with a hammer, which, yes, Six shows in full-on shots; and, to make it easier for the victims to be on all fours at all times, Martin cuts open their knees and snips the tendons, which, indeed, Six…. You get the idea.

And we haven’t even discussed the crushed newborn baby, or the gastronomical symphony of canned-beans-induced shit. Made for no other reason than to punish audience members, The Human Centipede II leaves nothing to the imagination. Though, to be fair, Six does leave Martin’s sandpaper masturbation off screen. What a humanitarian.