Director: Hideshi Hino

We’re a bit conflicted here. On one hand, the point of this list is to highlight cinema’s most brain-tainting works, films with hardcore imagery that refuses to leave your head once the final credits roll. But there’s a flip side to that: By doing so, we’re inadvertently recommending movies like Flowers of Flesh and Blood. If you’re twisted enough to click through this list, you’re obviously the type of person who’ll seek this out on DVD at some point—it’s like a highway commuter who has to look at the flipped over car on the side of the road. Or the pervert who’d watch a Rosie O’Donnell sex tape just to say that he did.

Unlike a faux Rosie video, though, Flowers of Flesh and Blood doesn’t have a shred of R-rated humor, whether intentional or not. The second part of Japan’s six-edition Guinea Pig series of mutilation cinema, Flowers tracks a poor girl who’s put to sleep by an assailant armed with chloroform; when she wakes up, she’s bound to a bed, on which she’s then dismembered for viewers to see, and that’s it. Fade to black. You’ll be left wishing for a glimpse of Rosie in lingerie.