Date: July 27
Tweeter: @CharlyMoya
Tweet: "It’s so frustrating that we had to pay an extra 2,000 [Egyptian] pounds to have other proper stuff to wear so that we can look OK, not even good."

Uniforms were quite the stir at the 2012 Olympic games. There was the big hoopla with Egyptian athletes getting fake Nike wares, and then there the U.S. politicians that complained about the the fact that the kits Americans were set to wear during the games were all made in China. Spain joined the fray early on when its athletes received the uniforms they were meant to wear during the Game's ceremonies. Many Spanish athletes went on Twitter to voice their displeasure at having to wear such an eye sore. Canoeist Saul Craviotto managed to hold his tongue only saying "Best I don't comment, I will leave it up to you," while Spanish tennis player Carlos Moya posted a tweet that called the uniforms "ugly." So, why did Spain have such hideous uniforms? Simple: They were free. Spanish Olympic Committee president Alejandro Blanco defended the decision by stating that Russian sporstwear company Bosco was making them for free, saving the country 1.7 million Euros.