Date: August 28
Tweeter: @clayaiken
Tweet: "Playing drinking game with my brother now. We drink every time we see a black person on screen at the RNC convention. #soberasamormon"

If you watched the first night of the Republic National Convention, you saw a lot of grandstanding, a lot of women in red dresses, and a lot of signs that read “We Built It.” One thing you didn’t see much of, however, was black people. We’re not trying to be flippant or funny. There were nearly less black people at the 2012 RNC than there were Tupacs at Coachella. Clay Aiken, the guy who came in second to Ruben Studdard on American Idol and went on to become one of the show's most successful stars, noticed as much and decided to make the above joke. As expected, GOP members and supporters smelled blood in the water and attacked. Fox News' Greg Gutfield even got in on the fun, saying "I drink every time you write a decent song. #sober."