Date: August 21
Tweeter: @bowwow
Tweet: Photo; "N---- i got Bow twitter on smash follow me... Im the haaacker this n---- got BITCHES in his DM's. Bow u want pg back i want 10k."; "People hate too much for me just dissing my mixtape. I'm 19 trying my hardest. I will tweet until I'm heard..."

Struggle rappers are going to new heights to get put on. This time around, a teenage MC from Indiana thought it would be a good idea to hijack Bow Wow's Twitter account and hold it ransom for $10,000. While in his command, the rapper posted threats, reasoning for the hacking, and a photo of two men, one of which the hacker said was Bow Wow, sleeping on top of each other. It later came out that the photo was not of Bow Wow and the account was deactivated. Struggle rappers, take not: That is not the way.