Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer and Lance “Scorpion” Bean are sent on a mission to destroy the Red Falcon Organization so that they don’t take over the world. Okay, we’ll buy that…but wait, why are only TWO men sent on this globally important mission? And sometimes, it’s only one man if you don’t opt to play with a second buddy. Shouldn’t a whole army be sent out to take care of this mess? This is an example of too little information. Why even make up a story at all? Why not just call the characters player 1, and player 2? If you’re going to tell a story, Konami, at least try to make it make sense. Like, maybe this was a secret mission, or maybe the plane holding all of the other soldiers was shot down and Bill and Lance were the only two survivors. We don’t know, just SOMETHING more than that petty ass story. You weren’t even trying, Konami.