Attacker: Israeli Mossad agents
Date: September 25, 1997

As a retaliation for the Mahane Yehuda Market Bombings, a July 1997 attack by Palestinian suicide bombers on a major market in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered two Israeli Mossad agents to assassinate Mashal, who was, at the time, the Jordanian branch chief of Palestinian Sunni Islamic political party, Hamas.

The agents entered the city using Canadian passports and waited for Mashal at his office. As he was entering, one agent injected a chemically modified toxin called levofentanyl into his left ear

All did not go as planned, though. Mashal’s chauffeur saw what was going down and hit the poison-toting agent with a newspaper, and a security guard chased the agents once they escaped to their car. The two were apprehended, and King Hussein of Jordan forced Netanyahu to hand over an antidote by getting none other than then-President Bill Clinton to persuade him.