Co-creator: Jack Kirby

One of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s most underappreciated creations are the Inhumans, a race of highly-evolved humans that was genetically enhanced by the Krees. Living in the city of Attilan, which has shifted locations over the years, the Inhumans’ most notable residents are the Royal Family. Consisting of Black Bolt, Medusa, Gorgan, Crystal, and Lockjaw, an alien bulldog with teleportation abilities, the mythology behind this family is as vast and intricate as any in the Marvel Universe. So it was only natural for them to debut in the pages of Fantastic Four.

They may not star on the silver screen or on TV, but the Inhumans are some of the most interesting characters at the House of Ideas, and it’s because of the back story that Lee and Kirby dreamed up in the ‘60s. Blending sci-fi and philosophy with pop art, Stan and Jack proved that they were more than capable of creating characters that weren’t typical superheroes.