Co-creator: Jack Kirby

Along with Jack Kirby, Stan Lee further fleshed out Thor’s world by introducing comic book readers to his father, Odin, the All-Father. As the ruler of Asgard, Odin looks over his world and tries to instill patience, honor, and humility in his sons—especially Loki—but oftentimes he finds himself at odds with his own flesh and blood. And it’s in that type of Shakespearean dynamic where Lee flourished at the time.

His version of Odin introduced the type of all-knowing ruler that was also wracked with personal conflicts and failings. He is a man of immense power, yet he can hardly even keep his own children in line. And though he resembles the Odin of myth, there is a decidedly Marvel slant to his actions. He’s neither a hero nor a villain. Like his title states, he is a god.