Though just last monthSeth Meyers was adamant that his intentions were to remain a cast member on Saturday Night Live for the foreseeable future, we're beginning to grow a little skeptical, especially after this: Vulture is reporting that the comedian is set to collaborate on a new sitcom for NBC with his brother, former MadTV cast member Josh Meyers

Of course, this doesn't mean for sure that he's leaving SNL, but we feel it relevant to point out that in the past, booking other projects like this one - Tina Fey with 30 Rock, Amy Poehler with Parks and Recreation, Andy Samberg with a film career, Kristen Wiig with world domination - usually signifies the end of a stint on the late-night comedy show. Just sayin'.

Anyway, as for the actual sitcom, it will reportedly be a "multi-camera" series about brothers. Well, they do say write what you know!

[via Vulture]