All is not well in Kardashian land. Because while Kim is enjoying a fairytale romance with Kanye West, her sister Kourtney is having problems with her baby daddy Scott Disick.

An insider tells Radar Online that he's "on a downward spiral," drinking his life away.

Their present relationship— despite the birth of a second child, Penelope Scotland, last month— is described as "the worst [it's] ever been."

"Scott is never alone with Penelope because he is so irresponsible," said the insider. "Kourtney doesn't even like for him to hold [the baby] because she's afraid he'll drop her."

Why is Scott reverting back to his old ways? Well, for one, he's got way too much time on his hands.

"He's a 29-year-old dad with no real job and nothing to do," a source says. "So he's partying again and drinking heavily."

The Kardashian family is now trying to kick him out, basically.

"[Kris Jenner is] furious that Scott's out in public acting like a drunk," an insider says. "She'd rather kick him out and be done with him until he grows up. The animosity behind them is really bad."

[via Radar Online]