Flying cars, etc.

What the great minds behind Sound Shapes understand about the future of gaming is that it will be ruled by players, not by companies.

The PS3 and PS Vita versions are nearly identical (besides some excellent touch controls in the Vita's level creator). That's going to happen more and more often as the technological gap between consoles and handhelds narrows. But instead of capitalizing by charging for both, Queasy Games is doing the decent thing and offering both for a single purchase.

Further, these two versions are connected to your PSN account, so you share trophies and progress between them via cloud saves. And there's no risk of overwriting one with the other—manually syncing your progress is as easy as navigating to the settings menu.

Sound Shapes also comes with the perfect blend of creative and social features. The editing tool allows you to compose songs and design levels using basic shapes and sounds and objects from the existing campaign, and once all the Kingdoms Hearts, Mario and Zelda rip-offs are removed from the community level browser, it'll hopefully be easy to discover the game's user-created "greatest hits" (in the game's own words).

The level editing tools are robust enough, though there's no doubt they could be more so. Any such system is bound to have some limitations, though, and in my time with it I've already created something I'm rather proud of.

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