What's in the box?

There are two really significant changes that the Astro A50 Wireless brings to the table. For one thing, it's—you guessed it—wireless, though you'll have to slightly adjust the definition of wireless for that to be really true.

But perhaps even more impressive is the fact that the mixamp has been tucked away inside the headset itself, despite it being only slightly bigger than the A40.

So there's no separate mixamp, though there's still a transmitter to plug your audio source into. This little black box pulls power through a USB cord from any connected device (not necessarily the one it's taking audio from), and it sends power out to charge the headset's lithium-ion rechargeable battery through yet another USB cord.

So you see, there are plenty of wires involved. Just not when you're using it (usually—more on the next slide). At least they're all included, along with an easy-to-follow quick-start guide and an attractive stand for the transmitter and headset.

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