Eat Your Heart Out, Nathan Drake

In Darksiders 2 it seems climbing, jumping and swinging are the new running (with running being the new standing still). I can just imagine the meeting where this new mechanic was devised. An executive-type says, "We need more variety, damn it!" A creative type replies, "We could make it more like Uncharted." Everyone in the meeting goes wild and there you have it.

This works in part; it's fun to string together long chains of parkour-like wall-running and post-hopping, but Death's ability to scramble up and across vertical surfaces is far too dependent on a small set of all-too conspicuous visual clues.

For example, no matter how inviting a ledge may appear, if that out-of-place-looking wooden scaffolding isn't there, Death will simply slide off instead of grabbing on. And how strange it is that architects and engineers across thousands of years and in wholly separate realms connected only by magic portals employed the same conceits of construction that left such traversable relics behind!

Don't even get me started on the fact that Death reveals countless times that he can, in fact, transform into an ephemeral reaper and fly wherever he damn well wants, because he will only do this when it doesn't help at all, or when you tap "B" at the right time in combat to trigger a flashy execution (though I feel like mentioning that that's the extent of the game's QTEs—have a hat-tip, Vigil).

Of course, I'm nitpicking, and these new traversal mechanics—run at a wall, tap "A" to jump to another one, push forward to propel yourself off a post—serve as a satisfying (though simple) distraction between battles and puzzles.

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