A Melting Cauldron of Other Titles

Darksiders 2, like its predecessor, wears its influences on its sleeve. It's just the influences that have changed somewhat.

It's still chock full of Zelda-style dungeons, though it's less formulaic in that regard—the line between dungeon and overworld is often unclear, for one. And equipment often transforms and gameplay is altered to suit the needs of the rambling narrative, rather than the other way around (as is so often the case in Zelda-Metroid-Vanias).

Darksiders 2's combat is still essentially God of War's, though Death is considerably more nimble than his brother War. So combat in Darksiders 2 is faster, more complex and more rewarding than in Darksiders, with a far greater degree of customization.

There's another reason the combat is more interesting, though, and it has to do with one of Darksiders 2's new influences, the one that alters the formula the most: Diablo.

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