Despite the next iPhone being the most buzzed about phone, Apple's smartphone is getting trounced by the Android platform, reports the Associated Press. 

Research firm IDC today released the figures from its second quarter analysis of the smartphone market and it showed Google's mobile operating system reigning supreme. Android handset makers shipped a total of 105 million units, giving Android 68% marketshare, a 21% increase over last year. Apple, on the other hand, slipped slightly from 19% to 17%. 

IDC attributes Android's success in large part to Samsung's best-selling line of Galaxy smartphones. Samsung is the top smartphone company in the world, with Apple trailing in second place. The firm estimates that Samsung moved 50.2 million handsets, while Apple sold 26 million. 

It may sound like Apple is getting whooped by Google and Samsung, but the Cupertino, CA.-based company makes more money from the sale of each handset than Google because it owns the hardware and the software. 

Microsoft has reason to celebrate—a little—as its Windows Phone OS grew from 2.3% of the smartphone market to 3.5%. Not a crazy jump, but a forward one. And despite its hardships, Research in Motion's BlackBerry platform is remarkably still holding onto its third place standing. 

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