Sleeping Dogs™, in stores now, has some of the most in-depth combat in an open world game. You can grapple, counter, strike, break limbs, and throw guys over buildings; you can employ meat cleavers, knees to the face, flying kicks, elbow drops, leg sweeps, wall kicks, and much more to create mêlée-style carnage. Plus, with the "Environmental Takedowns" feature, you can use the world around you while fighting The Triad. Take out your enemies with: meat hooks, a furnace, a wall fan, an electrical box, the side of a sink, or even in a car door. The Triad must go down, and it will get messy.

The game also makes stealing cars exciting with the "Action Hijack" feature. In most open world games, every car is yours for the taking; but instead of the hassle of forcing a driver to pull over to make a trade for his wheels, here you can just hijack them. That’s right, don’t waste any more time—take a leap at full speed from your car to his, and then take the wheel.

Sleeping Dogs™ is in stores right now, and you can order online here.