In a move to become more visible and public, Pinterest today announced the release of its first Android and iPad apps. The new apps will join the freshly updated iPhone app and expand the social network's mobile reach. 

By Pinterest's own admission, its iPad app is the best way to experience the social network when not sitting in front of your computer. "iPad owners may have the best Pinterest experience yet," said the company on its blog. "The app offers users new ways to engage with pins, whether swiping the screen to resume browsing after viewing a board, or using the embedded browser to see what others are pinning from their favorite sites." 

The Android app follows the same form and function of the iOS apps and can be used on any phone or tablet running Google's mobile operating system. Like the Pinterest 2.0 iPhone app, when the Pinterest Android app is used on a phone, users will get the new two-column layout that "lets users see more, so that they can find the pins they’re looking for and get back to their lives more quickly." 

Last week, Pinterest opened its doors to the greater public and allowed for open registration. Hopefully that and the new apps help stop its users from leaving

You can download Pinterest apps for iOS and Android for free at

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