They say pimpin' ain't easy, but it's certainly easier than being an Olympian. 

22-year-old Logan Campbell was struggling financially upon returning to New Zealand from competing in taekwondo in the Beijing Olympics. Campbell faced $120,000 in debt from training and transportation costs, and that was even before he had to begin thinking about the $200,000 that 2012's London Olympics would set him back. 

How was a 22-year-old boy going to come up with that kind of scratch, that quickly? Pretty simple: he would open a brothel. Of course, the New Zealand Olympic committee was less than thrilled with his unconventional means of fundraising—maybe it was because he used to welcome guests in his taekwondo gear—but that didn't stop his business from being wildly successful, and covering all of his expenses. 

Though it wasn't as if he was doing anything illegal, as prostitution is legal in New Zealand as long as certain restrictions are followed (though it's not the first time New Zealand has had a problem with prostitution). Regardless, he sold the brothel two years after he opened it with a business partner. Although Campbell stated he has "no regrets" about his business endeavor, he said that he  would never open another brothel. 

Because once you're out of the game, you're out for good.

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