There is a perv at large in the NYC subway system and he is armed and dangerous, with his iPhone. The subway perpetrator was witnessed terrorizing a woman in the Dumbo area of Brooklyn. The up-skirt suspect, described as tall white male with dark, wavy hair, took advantage of his "hipster" appearance to blend in with the local strap hangers.

The witness, who hid her identity in fear of retaliation, came forward with her account of the events:

"I noticed he was holding his arm a bit outstretched, close to the woman in front of him walking up the stairs. It seemed odd, so I watched the guy as we walked up the ramp. He passed the woman, then slowed again as we reached the next set of stairs, and let her pass him. That is when I confirmed that he was filming under her skirt.

"I stopped him, alerted the woman, and as he tried to walk away, we saw that he did indeed have the video on. We both followed him for several blocks (crazy, I know), and then reported it to the police."

Hopefully the bravery of these ladies and increased NYPD presence will deter this subway creep.

[via Gothamist]