Phillip and Donna Walls left their entire neighborhood in fear after a recent bath salts episode. Alarmingly high, the couple from Kings Mountain, NC, called 911 to tell dispatchers that they were currently engaged in a shootout with gang members who had posted up outside their house. These gangsters were of course part of their drug-induced hallucination.

Claiming that the goons had been present for over a day, the couple brought a military bag full of weapons outside and opened fire. Donna reportedly fired seven shots into the air. Horrified neighbors were trapped by  the crossfire. When the pair broke into the home of Richard and Debra Robinson, it didn't help.

Richard Robinson, a pastor, was able to talk the couple into giving up their weapons, and they were taken to a hospital first, then jail the following morning. They were charged with breaking and entering, and armed public disturbance. Everyone involved is lucky, as this could've ended horribly.

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[via NY Daily News]