Flying ostrich eggs are a sure sign that a marriage is over. Phillip Russell of New Zealand has been sentenced to six months behind bars after he hurled a three pound ostrich egg at his wife's chest. Russell, 47, was reportedly furious that his wife's pet pig had caused $2,021 worth of damage to his saw.

When Russell saw the damage, he begin yelling and spitting at his wife, then picked up the egg which was sitting on the table and threw it at her. The impact of the egg caused bruising to his wife's chest. Russell reportedly has a track record of domestic violence, and his lawyer tried to argue that he thought his wife would catch the egg. Right.

Russell knew he was wrong, so he pleaded guilty and is currently serving his sentence. 20 years of marriage tainted by a pig, a saw, and an ostrich egg.

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[via The Huffington Post]