Running the same old hits over and over again would have to get boring, even for Hitman's Agent 47. So to make sure players of the upcoming Hitman: Absolution don't get bored, Square Enix and IO have implemented a new mode that was announced earlier this week: Contracts.

Contracts lets you design the exact rules and parameters for a hit, including target, weapons, specific goals and more, and then share your custom challenges with friends.

We're hoping to get real creative—kill the milk man by dropping a cow on him! Take out that terrorist by electrocution! But we won't know just how far-fetched these Contracts will get until the game is out and we've had a chance to play it.

At least we can get a glimpse of how they work in the latest video for Hitman: Absolution. Got any great ideas for Contracts yet? Share with us below or on Twitter.