Last Friday, Mike’s Hard Lemonade dropped by the Complex office armed with several well-stocked buckets filled with icy cold Classic Hard Lemonades, snacks, and a very special guest. Okay, we'll just come out and say it—it was a bear wearing a skimpy, neon yellow bikini.

We admit, we hadn’t taken down a Mike’s since college, but after sampling one (well, a few) of Mike’s tart, very drinkable Black Cherry Lemonades, everyone in the office was mingling with the scantily clad creature of the wild and wondering why we'd ever stopped. 

Mike's Classic Margarita gets props in particular for being dangerously drinkable, i.e. tasty enough to be taken down in large quantities. It was a great way to start the weekend, and we'll definitely be rolling to the summer's remaining BBQs with a case or two of Mike's Hard in hand, and maybe with the bear too, if she takes us up on our offer. (Call us, girl!)