Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps loves gold, and that includes golden-haired women. According to Hollyscoop, the swimmer has been dating model/actress Megan Rossee

Yesterday, the gorgeous 25-year-old blonde uploaded an Instagram photo of her and Phelps cuddling close with the caption,"Yay Michael." 

Apparently, their romance isn't much of secret if you've paid attention to the girl's Twitter feed. The Los Angeles-based beauty tweeted some shots of Phelps over the last few weeks and posted from the Olympic Trials. And as testament to how serious their relationship is becoming, Phelps even flew Rossee out to London, of which she's been posting Instagram photos as well.

Whatever the truth is behind their romance, this pairing wouldn't be a surprise considering Phelps' superstar profile right now. The dude certainly has his pick of whomever he wants to date. 

[via Hollyscoop]